Editor in chief:

Øyvind Ravna

Associate Professor, Dr. juris,

Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø,

E-post: oyvind.ravna@uit.no

Home page: http://uit.no/4/911/76

National editors:

Canada: Nigel Bankes

Professor and Chair, Natural Resources Law,

Faculty of Law

University of Calgary,

E-mail: ndbankes@ucalgary.ca

Home page: http://www.law.ucalgary.ca/faculty/fulltime/nigel

Denmark/Greenland: Hanne Petersen

Professor, Dr. jur.

Faculty of Law,

University of Copenhagen,

E-mail: Hanne.Petersen@jur.ku.dk

Home page: http://jura.ku.dk/ansatte/hjemmesider/hannepetersen/

Finland: Timo Koivurova

Research Professor, Ph. D., director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre,

University of Lapland, Rovaniemi.

E-mail: timo.koivurova@ulapland.fi

Home page: http://www.arcticcentre.org/?deptid=9527

Russia: Vladimir Alekseevich Kryazhkov

Professor in Law and Councillor of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg.

E-mail: vladimir.krjazhkov@ksrf.ru

Home page: http://www.lexpro.ru/authors/personal/key/kryajkov

Sweden: Eva Carina Helena Keskitalo

Associate Professor in Political Science, FD,

Department of Social and Economic geography,

Umeå University, Umeå.

E-mail Carina.Keskitalo@geography.umu.se

Home page: http://www8.umu.se/soc_econ_geography/personal/keskitalo_carina.html

USA: Oran R. Young

Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
University of California, Santa Barbara.

E-mail: young@bren.ucsb.edu

Home page: http://www.bren.ucsb.edu/people/Faculty/oran_young.htm

Iceland: Gudmundur Alfredsson

Professor, Department of Law and Social Sciences, University of Akureyri and Law Faculty, University of Strasbourg.

E-mail: Alfredsson@orange.fr

Editorial board:

Director Else Grete Broderstad, University of Troms., Associate Professor Douglas Harris, University
of British Columbia, Professor Tore Henriksen, University of Troms., Professor Hans-Kristian
Hernes, University of Troms., Senior Researcher Hossain Kamrul, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi,
Professor Valery A. Kryukov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Dr. Natalia Loukacheva,
Munk School of Global Affairs (University of Toronto, Canada) and Polar Law Program (University of
Akureyri, Iceland), Adjunct Professor Erik J. Molenaar, Utrecht University and University of
Troms., Associate Professor Anna Nylund, University of Troms., Associate Professor Eivind Torp,
Mittuniversitetet, Östersund, Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice, University of London, University
of Akureyri, Professor Eva-Maria Svensson, University of Gothenburg and University of Tromsø,
Professor David VanderZwaag, Dalhousie University.